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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] ANTA Sports Products Limited (02020.HK, hereinafter referred to as "Anta") survived the winter, and it seems, it might have come in the spring Lane looks strong. In early August, Anta released in 2014 semi-annual report, first half operating income was 4.12 billion yuan, an increase of 22.4% over last year; first half net profit of 802.8 million yuan, an increase of 28.3%; gross margin 45.1 %, over last year increased by 4 percentage points. This is Anta in the first half of 2011 made history the best score better results after another, then, Anta achieved the best results in history - 927 million yuan net profit. subsequently released semi-annual report, including Li Ning, special steps, 361 degrees, Pick, China trends, although each company are still trapped in the stock, but the whole, Anta best performance. "I am confident that next year we will not be worse than this year, because I know that the work we have done now, not just this thing." Chairman of the Board and CEO of ANTA Shizhong "First Financial Daily" Say. transition In the past more than two years, China sporting goods industry in deep difficulties, small businesses have been unable to resist the cold collapse of large enterprise restructuring difficult, Adidas is a rare winner in this round of the downlink, and its transformation Action began in 2009. 2013 ?? 2 25, Shizhong in their own micro-blog wrote, eyes closed money era is over. At this time, Anta is undergoing the most historically significant adjustments. Shizhong "First Financial Daily" admitted Anta reflect on "why others can not, we are not OK?" However, it is not a Anta latest action. Anta in 2012 revenue and net profit fell 14.4% and 21.5%, the outside world does not know, motion Shizhong transformation as early as two years ago has begun. That time Anta net profit of 1.551 billion yuan, seems the situation is excellent. But Shizhong realized retail transformation imperative. To this end, he even went to Belle specifically call Executive Director and CEO Sheng Baijiao. "Our business model, business model sports brand, is the brand wholesale, to sell to dealers on the line, called rough-run, with a business model for decades, there is no innovation, then there's Problems will erupt. "Shizhong" First Financial Daily "said. Anta Shizhong to set up three to five years to complete the transformation of the target, a similar transformation, another well-known shoe Daphne took eight years. Anta Shizhong need to quickly become a market well-being of brand perception, operational excellence killer it once was, and now, re-examine the operational capabilities, also became Shizhong first work to be done. He cut starting from the dragnet store inspections, did not miss any opportunity to enter the store to view. Even in intermittent meeting, he also let your local dealer to arrange store inspections. Two years, he traveled more than 500 prefect Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ure-level cities. problem very thoroughly exposed, in the past, Anta more attention to the number of stores, peaked at 8075. Dealer expansion spree also received great support Anta, new store opened - Anta shipments - owed money, ad infinitum. "In the past we seek is the number, it is the pursuit of quality. Effective shop is the most important, invalid store unimportant." Shizhong on the "First Financial Daily" analysis, do quality, depending on growth in same store, depending on profitability, depends on sales ratio, depending on accounts receivable. 2012, Anta formally proposed by the "brand wholesale" to "brand retail", Shizhong view clear, "the quality of the store, including the location, size, interior decoration, is more important than the number of stores," target is also very clear, "Adjusting the shop, to enhance store efficiency and enhance profitability." Specifically, ANTA will streamline distribution infrastructure, eliminating the sales regions, more flat organizational structure, can closely monitor the dealer's sales performance as well as in-store inventory levels. In addition, category management is based on the original category, such as shoes, clothing as classification criteria, now change to become different projects, such as running programs, basketball, comprehensive training programs and so on. strong push landing ERP systems, to promote real-time data collection in order for dealers to provide accurate ordering instructions. Shizhong said, Anta in most stores nationwide implementation of the ERP coverage will be extended to four orders of the original "4 + 2" mode, and is striving to achieve a single store orders. "Can do every store sales data analysis, make up a single, monitor etc. hop single." Control the discount rate, with a view to strengthening the dealer's competitiveness and profitability over the long term; to optimize the flexibility and efficiency of the replenishment, to meet market demand and seasonal product differentiation, the main push of the product. and increase investment in product development, "R & D costs accounted for 1.1% from a few cost of sales ratio increased to 4.4 per cent a few." As of June 30, six months, Anta in R & D It has invested 095 million yuan. "Gross margin increased, a large part of the contribution from new products, in general, is the difference." semi-annual report, ANTA in the past more than two years, a total of 1,000 stores turned off, the current total number of stores to 7,701 by the end, Anta its number of stores each section plans to open up to 9400, least open to 9150. For Shizhong, the management of the border is that the proportion of store losses can not exceed 10%. "Sporting goods industry or, in other industries or, within 20% loss shops are good." Shizhong "First Financial Daily" said, Anta in the case of the worst, the loss ratio is higher than 20% shop. "Why Anta be the first to recover, others can not? Why do Anta obtained, others can not?" Shizhong cheap jordans answer his own question, "should first look at your business base," he says, why are not afraid of Anta change, for three reasons, "First, the financial health of the enterprise; Second, inventory burden is not great;. Third, the vast majority of dealers are profitable" The second is the management capacity. "Chinese enterprises real core of the problem is management." In Shizhong opinion, management is reflected in the enterprise is in a good industry, and how performance, the business model is feasible, the team is not good enough. The third is the pursuit of sustainable growth or short-term benefits. Obviously, Anta in this round of consolidation process, the focus is to adjust the business fundamentals, such adjustments, aimed at the future for a long period of time, companies will not market volatility and before faltering. Location All the maneuvers changes derived from the Shizhong "Believe." He believes that the mass market in China do, Anta have a chance. data show that in the US market, sales of one hundred million pairs of shoes a year, Nike, Adidas sold 20 million pairs of shoes, contrast, recreational sports brand SKECHERS, able to sell 60 million pairs of shoes. struggling to compete compared with Nike, Adidas, Skechers another way, the day will undoubtedly be much better. "Brand fear is blind to follow suit, did not adhere to their own position." Shizhong on the "First Financial Daily" analysis. He thinks Anta Jedi, derived always know who he is, and always know what to sell to consumers, always know to whom propaganda, that is to solve the product positioning, consumer positioning, brand positioning matching problem. "expensive to do something good, cheap to do something good, cheap and good things not to do." Ding Shizhong believes Anta do is "cheap and good" product, "which is our core competence force. " "If someone else's business model to move over to succeed, it would be too easy." ANTA Shizhong insist their own product models, such as retention of its own plants, make plants started from early Anta, Anta plant is a competitive advantage - enables fast fill orders and help contribute to profits. OEM Nike and Adidas to survive, there is no way to learn Anta, Adidas, Nike school, "I like them will be ruined." As a mass brand, Anta do is to control the entire value chain, which means precise cost control. For example, last year's prices down more than doubled, Anta do not panic, because the previous year had been good buying decisions in advance. brand positioning in a second-tier cities, or three or four lines of consumer marketing, in Shizhong it seems, it is a false proposition, the key is whether to seize their own targeted consumer groups. "Demand for high-end second-tier must be more of the same, also the largest mass consumer." Shizhong consumers often move the car to observe, that the above, more than half of the people either can not afford Anta shoes, Anta shoes that expensive either, in a national perspect cheap air jordans ive, this figure is at least 650 million. so that every Chinese person buy one, we are able to sell 1.3 billion of products, this kind of rhetoric, the business community in China has been seen as crazy, unrealistic. Shizhong trying to use a more rational way to think, "1.3 billion people, 13 people each to buy a pair of it?" Ding Shizhong that "you do not look at how to do the Nike, Nike made its market, I do my market, it does not possible take-all. "He was convinced that the real market space in China," I want to sell the most public of consumers 100 million pairs of shoes. " In China, entrepreneurs are collectively caught fleeing the cycle among Industry, Shizhong stick to their original intention: "I just do clothing, I was selling shoes; I will always put my shoes do know, the clothing good; always clear to whom the shoes, the clothing sell it; I want to think about how to bring the greatest benefit for my customers, it is I want to insist " Shizhong entrepreneurs do PE, VC critical of earlier he told a Chinese media interview has revealed he hopes to become Formosa Wang-type figure. This people can not help think of a few years ago, an old rival Anta, Li Ning, the company's founder and former Chinese gymnastics champion Li Ning, when the media talk about this topic entrepreneur, Li Ning said he, "is not the entrepreneur important, is not the only important player. " Shizhong no identity or the identity of anxiety, he believed throughout his entrepreneurship, especially industrialist identity, has been, and will continue to bring about change, "Nike and Adidas are in possession of half of the world's major markets in China, their market share lower than global, because we defend the Chinese brand established position in the Chinese market. "he told reporters. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)The adidas Tubular family recently joined a new member, Tubular Rise, who had shared the announcement earlier. This brings on foot appreciatd, this pair of retained Tubular family characteristics but with more trendy and unique style of Tubular Rise to help form, black mesh and black and white clip flower fabric cover vamp, similar lateral semicircular design is very eye-catching, especially on the feet of fashion. Now on sale, like the early adopters of friends can be a lot of attention. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Sneaker Con recently in Chicago station shoe exhibition activities, this pair of black and red color fragment design x Air Jordan Sample 1 to $2W price, but this is a trench at first glance chic shopping, but then something happened, so he will regret to buy this pair of shoes. communicated with officials at Jordan Brand via, and the official said Cheap jordans online Jordan Brand had never produced the Sample. , whether or not the official is official enough, and whether or not the shoes are genuine or fake, let's see who brought the Sample to the Sneaker Con Chicago show. is the @youngstownkicks, and we can't help wondering where he really is. He can get such a priceless Sample. But with the contents of his IG being grilled, we can find some strange things. smart you must have found something wrong, this pair of sample even after the little brother DIY! One of the little brother Jin said, this pair of shoes is sold after customization, but it itself is a pair of fragment design x Air Jordan 1 Sample, and posted the shoes standard and sample standard. Although the American people didn't like us through the Putian Dongguan line fake thoroughly tempered, but the basic logic or online, and whether false standard shoes this thing, you can't get this XJB destroy the Sample? Logical loopholes significantly let the brother make fake acts, his IG has also been a number of justice sneakerhead siege, 2W knife has reported payment way back. read this thing, Xiao Bian also want to remind you, for sample or channel goods worth mentioning, and even more domestic "company goods", "B standard goods" and other titles of shoes, we must keep an eye. 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Right, led by Virgil Abloh Nike x Virgil "THE joint TEN" series, such as outside said, will open ten double joint shoes, the shoes have already exposed Air Jordan I, Air Vapormax, Air Presto, Air Max 90, Blazer. you apart from the above-mentioned shoes, the first exposure is Air Max 97, Air Force 1, Hyperdunk 2017, Zoom Vaporfly, and Converse Chuck Taylor. It is worth mentioning that, the latter five kinds of shoes, all with "class transparent" material design, very novel. believe that a lot of attention for the sale of buddy news, Nike x Virgil signed a series of the preceding five paragraphs will be in New York, London, Milan and Paris NikeLab stores for sale, after the five did not have the news, it is reported that China area friends want to start it, may wish to wait for November may have a surprise waiting for you. recent interactions and hot articles (click the picture to view details) so foamposites for cheap 's attitude towards cattle? Thanks to or?! Supreme cows fly over London and fly over Tokyo. Alfa industrial breakthrough bottleneck, uniforms change streets! is currently expanding with Hip-pop, , and skateboarding groups , you can click on "read the full text", joins interested groups, , the family members are waiting to come with you!So we come to[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] encourage everyone to join in the movement and its offer the best product, which is Nike's consistent pursuit. Therefore, Nike's advertising language is also characteristic with very distinct movement to encourage people to play to their potential, to understand the true spirit of the movement. As people familiar with the slogan, since the 1988 launch of Nike "Just Do It" slogan has been spread around the world for 23 years. The full iconic slogan become the sport's biggest appeal, inspired all the young and experienced athletes and people who love sports. Over the past 23 years, the message of this phrase remains the same: there is no excuse, no restrictions, no doubt, not the end, Just Do It its pursuit of positive spirit of sport to become Nike's most valuable brand core value!. Nike's history has always been no shortage of brilliant marketing case, but for the "Just Do It" brand proposition very few large-scale communication campaigns appear. In China, from the last time, "Who am I" campaign has spread after a lapse of three years. This time, the Nike French Open champion Li Na as a starting point, set off a mighty, to "use sport ... (Use Sports To ...)" as the theme of the spread of the movement. Events starting early June, vigorous continued throughout the summer and in the autumn the continuation, a great spiritual depth motion marrow public consumption momentum. So, TVC and print ads out to the streets, night run activities carried out wind and water, summer sports event "campaign sink" held the line "Just Do It Super Sport Challenge" launched simultaneously, those who can think of propagation It means almost a clean sweep. In addition, we also have the opportunity and many top sports stars and teams up close. Sigh, "Nike really rich, you can play so generous of integrated marketing," it also could not help but admire the floor execution capabilities of this campaign. Standing promote the sporting spirit level, encourage young people to play a passion for sports, emphasizing participation and interaction personally, it is Nike, the biggest highlight of the campaign spread. public face interpretation of "Just Do It" advocates from obscurity to the world's top young athletes sweat the instant motion scenes showing them how to use movement to change themselves, create brilliant ...... always have a face to make you familiar, there is always a moment to let you share their feelings, there is always a process that allows you emotionally, so that you always have a tearful ending, where you can always see his shadow. This is the Nike Greater China for the r cheap foamposites for sale elease of "Just Do It" commercials, to "use sport ......" as the theme, the level of movement through different voices, Wake Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan youth passion for sport. The commercials of the top athletes in the world gathered in different fields, including basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, Liu Xiang, the French Open champion Li Na, women's beach volleyball athlete Chen Xue and Zhang Xi, as well as the country's top skaters Johnny Tang et al., "Provocative" very strong. In this ad film, Nike fully exploit the characteristics of sports stars who make it to disseminate the theme and brand advocate doing a very good interpretation. Of course, this first in-depth understanding of their own resources on the basis of the movement reached; secondly, also because Nike did with the sponsorship resources of deep links, and this close relationship between the brand and sponsored the object is formed by the cumulative ; and third, to seize the opportunities goodly; fourth, high integration. In other words, Nike mobilize products, public relations, channels, advertising, events, marketing, sports sponsorship and other aspects of the resources, and all this is inseparable from the professional team. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)4 12 months, a total of 9 games, bringing the tennis shoe foot selection. Erwin recovery 35 points to defeat the eagles, Magic 6 double over the Bucks, Jeremy Lin 25 points win over the Celtics, 21 + 12 sessions break away the nets, Butler 23 + 11 difficult to capture pelicans, harden 34 points, the Rockets victory over the Timberwolves, Durant 34 points and the Lakers thunder victory, Nowitzki 22 + 11 victory over the jazz, the small library of 20 + 15 victory over the suns. Kevin Durant: Nike KD Russell Westbrook: Air Jordan III Jeff Teague: Adidas Crazylight Isaiah Thomas: Nike Zoom Kobe James Ennis: Nike Kobe XI Karl-Anthony Towns: Nike ZoomOlympic sports codes: 5.48 0.10 & nbsp; 1.86% 2010-09-02 16:06:42 Zuoshou: 5.38 & nbsp; & nbsp; now open: 5.49 & nbsp; & nbsp; Transactions: 39496 highest: 5.54 & nbsp; & nbsp; lowest: 5.40 & nbsp; & nbsp; median: 5.46 Circulation: 2,098,000,000 & nbsp; & nbsp; Market Cap: 11497000000 & nbsp; & nbsp; change Hand: 0.00% September 2 Olympic sports stock market trendThis year??s Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? Holiday 2015 release will commemorate the ??95-??96 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record season. Advertisment The Air Jordan 11 will have similarities to the Air Jordan 11 ??Space Jam?? but will be featured with Red accents instead of Blue, as well as a iridescent-like glossy patent leather overlay. They??ll feature a thick premium leather upper build (instead of the traditional mesh), much like the prototype sample pair we seen awhile ago, that will sit atop a traditional Air Jordan 11 translucent outsole. Other details will also include an embossed Jumpman logo on the back heel instead of embroidered, as well as a Blacked out ??23?? on the upper heel, along with the classic rope laces, Black/Red carbon fiber and the numbers ??72?? and ??10?? on the lace tips. You can also expect another raise in the retail price tag, as they??ll be set to release at $220 USD. The shoes will come housed in the traditional slide out packaging. Air Jordan 11 72-10 Release Date Get a closer look at all the additional detailed photos, on-feet looks and how they??ll come packaged ?C which will carry on its traditional box, below of the Holiday 2015 remastered Air Jordan 11 Retro ??72-10?? edition. The ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11 will officially release just in time for Christmas on Saturday, December 12th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers in full family sizing. The retail price tag is set at $220 USD. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section below. Would you have been happier with the Space Jam 11s? Air Jordan 11 Retro ??72-10?? Black/Gym Red-White-Anthracite 378037-002 December 12, 2015 $220 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: Nikestore has restocked the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? but there is only one thing you need to unlock the shoe for availability, an access code. Once you get the code then you can cop here. UPDATE: The highly anticipated Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? is set to debut tomorrow, December 12th in full family sizing that will be widely available at select Jordan Brand retail stores. Check out the latest images below and for those that can??t get a pair online/stores, there??s always eBay. UPDATE: You can expect the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? to complete a lot of sneakerheads Christmas list and while we are only days away from the drop, we now take another look at a few on-feet images via Finish Line. UPDATE: Nike has just announced that they have moved up the release date of the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? from December 19th to now December 12th. A full week ahead of its original release date. They??ll officially launch on December 12th at 10AM EST/7AM PST on The retail price tag is set at $220 USD. UPDATE: Here are an on-feet and video review of the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? from @iAmTMCII that gives you a detailed look and honest opinion of the highly anticipated release. Air Jordan 11 72-10 On-Feet Review Air Jordan 11 72-10 Video Review UPDATE: One of the hottest releases of the year, the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? is officially only days away from releasing. Check out these brand new 12 detailed images via Kenlu of the holiday Air Jordan 11. Who can??t wait for December 12th? UPDATE: Check out the latest images of the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? below via Bounce that will be debuting on December 12th. UPDATE: Following official images, we now get another look via Kix Square at the highly anticipated Christmas 2015 Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? that will be available on December 12th. UPDATE: Here are official images via @J23App of the Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? that debuts on December 12th and will retail for $220 USD. UPDATE: From November 19th through December 18th Finish Line will be giving away one pair of the ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11s each day. Just post on Twitter or Instagram featuring your best street style, follow them, and hashtag #EpicFinish. They??ll reach out to the person with the best post each day to get your information they can send you out a pair of ??72-10?? Jordan 11s when they release on December 19th. To enter, click here. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? will be available in full family sizing, and here is a detailed look via Sole Heat at the gradeschool version. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? will also be available in baby sizes for the entire family to enjoy. For interesting in scooping up some baby ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11s today find them via eBay. UPDATE: Jordan Brand athletes are already starting to receive their Christmas package that includes the ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11. Here is a closer look from @ripcity3232. UPDATE: With every holiday Air Jordan release, Jordan Brand will be debuting matching apparel to go along with the launch. Here is a first look at what to expect from the highly anticipated Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? apparel collection via @icyheatsole. UPDATE: Here are the latest on-feet images of the highly anticipated ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11 via mikez_tagram. For good measure there is even a glimpse look at the ??Burgundy?? Air Jordan 5 that would make for one hell of a nice retro release in 2016. Air Jordan 11 72-10 On-Feet UDPATE: Today at the Jordan Brand Holiday 2015 event, they displayed their upcoming Holiday releases that included the highly anticipated ??72-10?? Air Jordan 11. One of the key reports of the event was the official pricing for this year??s holiday Air Jordan 11, which is set to be $220 USD. Check out a few of the images from the event via @j23app and @shegotgame below and let us know if you??re happy about the new pricing in the comments section. UPDATE: Here are some exclusive on-feet photos from @wattsgoodie of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 11 ??72-10?? release. Check out the images below and be sure to follow Watts Goodie on both Twitter and Instagram. believe you still remember a few days ago we reported the Nile crocodile version of Air Jordan 1, this pair of customized The team led by Shoe Surgeon of the works for a time become the focus of the sale price of $$2400, of course, is beautiful. Coincidentally, the official YEEZY BOOST recently once again brought 350 V2 Python matching items. Select the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 the first matching "Beluga" for the creative blueprint of great significance to launch the new custom on the double color of luxury materials and precision manufacturing the strongest interpretation, creating a strong texture of perfection. The details, handmade is to enhance the overall value, while adding Python seems to lay the high price of this pair of shoes. In addition BOOST and so in the end the practice, adhering to the practical high. 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Each pair of shoes is stamped with the word "Katakana" in Japanese, which means katakana. low src="" " width=" 500" border=" 0" /〉 [page] #e# subtitle; Nike Big Nike Air Jordan series of new low 4 x Air Force 1 mixed shoes review last article: Nike Big Nike new low help series next: Air Jordan 4 x Air Force 1 mixed shoes Kanye West did not release any information about it in the Twitter, though there are no mention, but the whole world Sneakerhead are highly anticipated for its arrival. That's right. Yeezy Boost 750, "Light Grey" is really coming. "Light Grey" is Adidas Originals x Kanye West Yeezy Boost 750 series offer third colors, with excellent build suede uppers, light gray tone than the first slightly deepening, but the big bottom was changed depending on the sense that translucent yellow rubber, equipped with Adidas BOOST? 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